Struts Hibernate Integration Tutorial NEW

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Java Posts

In this tutorial I will show you how to integrate Struts and Hibernate. After completing this tutorial you will be able to use Hibernate in your Struts project. Download the source code of Struts Hibernate Integration Tutorial.

  1. Setting up MySQL Database and table
    This section describes how to setup database and populate it with the data. We are using MySQL Database for this tutorial.
  2. Downloading Struts, Hibernate and Integrate It
    This section explains you to setup the develop workbench for our Struts Hibernate tutorial
  3. Writing Hibernate configuration file, POJO class and Tutorial.hbm.xml (Hibernate mapping class)
    In this section we will write required hibernate objects like configuration files and then integrate all the stuffs.
  4. Developing Hibernate Struts Plugin
    In this section we will write Hibernate Struts Plugin Java code and integrate it with the Struts.
  5. Writing Web Client to Search the database using Struts Hibernate Plugin
    In this section we will write web client to test struts Plugin. We will be developing a search form to search the tutorials from the table.
  6. Build and testing the application
    In this section we will build our Struts Hibernate Plugin Application and then test.

    Hibernate Annotations

  7. Hibernate Annotations
    Hibernate Annotations examples and tutorials.
  8. Quick Hibernate Annotation Tutorial
    This tutorial covers only the Annotations part. The reader must have hands on experience before starting this tutorial.
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