Install SDK + PhoneGap For webOS

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Android Posts

English: Palm's webOS logo.

  • 1. Requirements For  webOS

  • 2. Install SDK + PhoneGap

    Download and install Virtual Box


    Download and install webOS SDK


    Download and install cygwin (Windows only). Make sure you select “make” as it is not included by default


    Download the latest copy of PhoneGap and extract its contents

  • 3. Setup New Project

    • Open up terminal/cygwin and navigate to where you extracted your PhoneGap Download. Go into the webOS directory.
  • 4. Hello World

    In phonegap/webOS/framework/www, open up index.html with your favourite editor. After the body tag add <h1>Hello World</h1>

  • 5A. Deploy to Simulator

    • Open up your Palm Emulator from your applications folder/start menu.
    • Type make in your terminal/cygwin while in the webOS directory.
  • 5B. Deploy to Device

  • Done!

    You can also checkout more detailed version of this guide here.

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