Posted: August 29, 2012 in Random Posts


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This article comes from Dzone’s selection of top articles from this last year, and it’s written by our friend Gordon Dickens, a Jelastic user and the first person to present Jelastic in Philly.

Why Java Developers Hate JavaScript

As a Java developer, I used to hate JavaScript. At one time I used to say “friends don’t let friends use JavaScript”. In recent years, JavaScript has become required for a flexible & feature rich user experience. WIth the advent of tools such as JQuery and GWT many of these issues have been minimized. Also, I took the time to read more about JavaScript. The book that really opened my eyes is JavaScript: The Good Parts. So… What do Java developers hate?

  • JavaScript may look like Java, smell like Java and even taste a little like Java, but it does not behave like Java
  • Variables are global in…

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