A socket represents a connection point into a TCP/IP network between two computers; one of which is the server and the other is the client. Sockets are used to access the Web server. These sockets are available in the Java Socket class. Sockets act as virtual passageways for communication through which the data travels from one host to another. Sockets are of two types, connection-oriented or connectionless. The connection-oriented socket operates similarly to a telephone where the connection is established prior to the transmission of data. The second type of socket is the connectionless socket. This type of socket is called a Datagram. This socket operates similarly to the mail. A characteristic of the Datagram is that it allows only one message to be sent at a time. The delivery of data is not guaranteed because Datagrams use the UDP protocol.

Italian sockets. (on the right 10A socket and ...

Real Sockets 🙂


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