Posted: February 16, 2013 in Random Posts

Java Tutorials

In the bottom up approach, we will write the java class and generates the WSDL file and other dependent components. The same will be deployed into the web containers.

In Top down approach, Architects will write the WSDL file based on the requirements. Developer need to make the corresponding service implementation using the WSDL provided. This post will explain how to create a service using the WSDL file.

Step 1:Create a dynamic or java project as mentioned here

Here, I have created a sample web dynamic project with the name SampleWS as given below.

Dyanmic web project

Step 2: generate the service using top down approach

Right click on the SamplWS project name -> New -> Other


Select the Web Service from the wizard as below and click on Finish button.

select webservice

Select the Web service type as ‘Top down Java bean Web service’ and provide the WSDL url in the Service definition drop down and…

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