Enabling the Android Move To SD Card

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Android Posts, Android Tutorials

This Android Quick Tip will show you how to allow your end-users to optionally save valuable device storage space by choosing to store your application on their removable SD card.

Final Result Preview

This tutorial will take an existing Android application and add the ability for the user to move the application to their SD card. This feature was introduced in Android 2.2, but does not require the application to use the Android 2.2 SDK as the minimum supported SDK version. Even your Android 1.5 application can use this feature.

Step 1: Preparation

We begin this tutorial by obtaining the version of the phrasebook Android application used in a previous tutorial called . Download the source code if you want to perform these steps yourself, or just follow along and use these steps with your own Android applications.

If the user has Android 2.2 installed on their device and you haven’t applied this tip, they’ll see a tantalizingly useful, yet grayed out, button when they try to move the application to their SD card. Developers must specifically enable this feature within their specific applications……


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