track info pageExercise Tracker application with PhoneGap. In this tutorial, the Track Workout page and complete the app by creating the History and Track Info pages.
Saving the GPS Data

When the user clicks the Stop Tracking button, we need to stop following their GPS location and save all of the GPS points that were recorded (tracking_data) into the database. We’ll also reset the text input box (in case they want to record another workout straight away) and we’ll display a message that we have stopped location tracking.

PhoneGap provides both browser-based Local Storage and a SQLite database as methods of storing data on the phone. The SQL database is a lot more powerful (due to the fact you can specify table schemas), but comes at the cost of code complexity. Local Storage is a simple key/value store that is easy to setup and use. Data is stored using the setItem(key, value) method, and retrieved using the getItem(key) method.
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