What is the meaning of DMZ?

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Random Posts


A DMZ (demilitarized Zone) is a conceptual network design where publicly accessible servers are placed on a separate, isolated network segment. The intention of a DMZ is to ensure that publicly accessible servers cannot contact other internal network segments, in the event that a server is compromised.

What does DMZ stand for in computers?

A home router DMZ host is a host on the internal network that has all ports exposed, except those ports otherwise forwarded. By definition this is not a true DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), since it alone does not separate the host from the internal network.

What is a demilitarized zone?

A demilitarized zone, or DMZ, is an area in which treaties or agreements between nations, military powers or contending groups forbid military installations, activities or personnel. A DMZ often lies along an established frontier or boundary between two or more military powers or alliances.

What does the Korean DMZ stand for?

Tour of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone. PANMUNJOM, Korean border. Although it stands for the “demilitarized zone,” the DMZ is the most militarized border in the world, U.S. Army Col. Kurt Taylor told us during our recent tour of the buffer zone separating North and South Korea.

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