Look into Scholarships in Any Field of Study and Any Country

Posted: December 8, 2016 in Scholarship Tips

Still can’t find a scholarship in your preferred field of study? or a scholarship in the university/country you want to study in? Explore more scholarships by looking into scholars4dev.com’s lists of scholarships in any field of study.


Although it is always best to start your search by looking for scholarships specially dedicated to your specific field of study or scholarships specifically intended for study in the university/country of your choice, it is also beneficial to look into scholarships in any field of study and any country. This gives you added flexibility and more choices.

It is important to remember though that by “scholarships in any field of study”, we refer to scholarships in any field of study offered by the University/scholarship provider and not literally all fields of study. By “scholarships in any university/country” we basically refer to scholarships that can be conducted in any country or any university in any country as specified by the scholarship provider.  You should remember that this categorization is not absolute, you should expect limitations and  exceptions in some cases.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: When viewing the scholarship profile, you should always remember to see the section “Fields of Study”.  In this section, you will find a list of eligible programmes or a link to a list of eligible programmes under the scholarship.  In some cases, the University or scholarship provider will not fund certain fields of study or will not allow study in certain countries while in some instances, the scholarship provider specifies only a set of programmes or countries that can be eligible under the scholarship program.  Thus, before you apply, you should always confirm first if the field of study you are interested in or the country you intend to study in, is approved under the scholarship program.

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