Discover school-specific scholarships

Posted: December 8, 2016 in Scholarship Tips

As you browse, you will notice that there are a lot of scholarship programs offered by major international organizations and universities. But did you know that there are other numerous scholarships offered by specific schools of a university that are not listed? Read more to find out about school-specific scholarships.

School-specific scholarships are scholarships offered by a particular school under a University.  For example, the Institute of Education – a school/college under University of London offers school-specific scholarships  such as Centenary Masters Scholarships for International Students.

School-specific scholarships are good scholarships to apply to because they are targeted to your field of study. As well, fewer people know about these scholarships because they are not as easy to find as university-wide scholarships and not as known as popular scholarships. Generally, because of these reasons, there is lesser competition in applying for school-specific scholarships compared to university-wide scholarships and popular scholarships.

Sometimes the official scholarship page of the University lists school-specific scholarships while sometimes the University has their own scholarship database that contains the school-specific scholarships but most often than not, school-specific scholarships are buried in the college/school’s own scholarship page.

Start your search of school-specific scholarships by visiting the website of the specific school of a University that offers the course your are interested in. Browse through their ‘scholarship’ page or ‘fees and funding’ page. You could also inquire directly with the school about the scholarships they offer.

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