Postdoctoral researcher in Epigenetics of Cardiovascular Disease

Posted: March 7, 2017 in Development Studies, Europe, Health, Jan-Mar Deadline, Netherlands, Other/Jobs, Post Doc, Researcher

Specifications – (explanation)

Location Amsterdam
Function types Postdoc positions, Research, Development, Innovation
Scientific fields Health
Hours 36.0 hours per week
Education Doctorate
About employer Academic Medical Center (AMC)
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Job description

Epigenetic processes are critical regulators of the immune system and are emerging as targets for diagnosis and interventions. Also in monocytes and macrophages epigenetic pathways are important in mediating responses and cellular phenotype and thereby regulate disease.

We recently obtained a transatlantic Leducq consortium grant entitled: “Defining and targeting epigenetic pathways in monocytes and macrophages that contribute to cardiovascular disease” ( ).

In this project eight groups from both Europe and the US collaborate. In our studies we will identify epigenetic characteristics that associate with and contribute to cardiovascular disease. Moreover, we will study interventions targeting epigenetic enzymes and perform translational investigations using mouse models and cellular systems. A particular focus of the Leducq consortium is on networking and exchange of young researchers. Candidates will have the opportunity to present their work at bi-annual meetings to be held in Europe and the US and carry out work-visits to the collaborating labs.

For the Amsterdam part of the project we are in search of a postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in molecular biology. This postdoc will study the epigenetic mechanisms that drive monocyte and macrophage function in cardiovascular disease. He/she will use state-of-the-art approaches to characterize (ChIPseq, ATACseq, (single cell) RNAseq) and edit (shRNA, CRISPR-CAS9) the epigenome, apply human and mouse cell systems and investigate mouse models for disease.


The postdoc will work in the team of Prof. dr. de Winther at the Experimental Vascular Biology group of the department of Medical Biochemistry in the AMC. He/she will work in a team of experienced staff, PhD students, postdocs and technicians with excellent infrastructure. The multidisciplinary approach of the project team is using molecular biology and epigenetic tools, clinical cohort samples, human and mouse cell models and experimental mouse models, bioinformatics and cell biology tools. We offer a very dynamic, multi-disciplinary research environment, with a highly innovative and competitive team and strong international collaborations.


A PhD in a related area, with a strong background in molecular biology and affinity with bioinformatics for (epi)genomics; a good publication record, drive for a career in science, team player and positive social skills.

Conditions of employment

We offer a contract for a definite period of time with the possibility to extension. As a PhD student you will be offered a salary between € 2.244 and € 2.874 gross a month for the first year of employment (according to UMC-CAO). A year end payment of 8,3% is part of your employment conditions.

Contract type: Temporary,

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