KAIST Scholarship for Pakistani students MS/PhD

Posted: March 26, 2017 in Apr-Jun Deadline, Asia, Engineering and Technology, Korea, Masters, PhD

Here is the best of the opportunity for Pakistani applicants (MS/PhD only)
A) If you succeed to secure admission, there will be no tuition fee. Every successful candidate will receive monthly scholarship.

B) Select KAIST Scholarship while applying for admission.

C) In addition, result awaiting students may also apply by submitting hope certificate.

KAIST is ranked World Number 13 in Engineering and Technology according to QS Rankings
KAIST is ranked Number 1 University in Korea in Engineering and Technology
KAIST is ranked Number 6 among Most Innovative Universities according to Reuters, the only Non-American University in the list of first 6.

For Masters Applicants: It is better to communicate with the professors, but it is not mandatory.
For PhD Applicants: It is mandatory to obtain Professor’s consent before application.

IELTS/GRE is not mandatory for Pakistani Applicants, but it is a bonus if you have it. Applicants without IELTS/TOEFL from Pakistan are required to submit English Proficiency Certificate issued by their BS University.

Although no minimum G.P.A is mentioned, it is recommended to be minimum 3.3 based on our experience.

Result awaiting students who are expected to complete their BS/MS before August 2017 can also apply.

Following is the link to grab all the necessary information.

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