MPI for Brain Research: Scientist position in Neurosciences

Posted: March 31, 2017 in Apr-Jun Deadline, Europe, Germany, Researcher
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Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Brain Research invites applications for the Scitient position in Neurosciences. The Institute is a research institute focused on understanding the brain.

Duration: 2 years (limited)

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • development and implementation of novel optical methods
  • selection and setting up of optical systems
  • theoretical and practical training of institute members
  • support of the scientists during their work on the microscopes


  • applicant must hold Masters, Diploma or higher degree in physics or life sciences
  • applicant must possess excellent knowledge of principles and methods of optics and microscopy (including fluorescence, confocal microscopy, contrast enhancing methods for transmission microscopy, properties of light sources and detectors); extensive experience with commercial microscopes, in particular with confocal laser scanning microscopes; designing, implementing and maintaining optical systems; characterizing optical system and microscopes as well as carrying out quality control on microscopes;
  • applicant must have experience in data analysis (image analysis) in a programming language (preferably Matlab); software for image processing
  • applicant must be fluent in English and German


  • PhD in physics or life sciences
  • Experience with biological research (neuroscience); imaging; two-photon excited fluorescence and / or harmonic generation and/or super resolution microscopes and/or biological samples; experience with additional physiological techniques
  • Knowledge of electronics, e.g. for device control


Application letter must include:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • References
  • Send applications preferably via E-mail to HR@brain.
————–Quick Overview————-
Organization Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
Fellowship Level Scientist
Country Germany
Subject areas Neurosciences, Life Sciences, Physics
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline April 30th 2017

Apply Now

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