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University of Oulu is an international research and innovation university engaged in multidisciplinary basic research and academic education. The University of Oulu is one of the largest universities in Finland with 14 000 students and 3 000 employees. The university encompasses ten fields of study: Architecture, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Humanities, Education, Economics and Business, Science, Medicine and Dentistry, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Technology and Mining. The University of Oulu researchers contribute to solving global challenges by combining multidisciplinary approaches, high level research and fruitful collaborations in the following five focus areas: 1. Creating sustainability through materials and systems, 2. Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health, 3. Digital solutions in sensing and interactions, 4. Earth and near-space system and environmental change, 5. Understanding humans in change. Collaboration across scientific fields is strongly encouraged and supported within the University. More information http://www.oulu.fi/english/.

The following job is open in the University of Oulu:

The application period has been extended to April 18th, 2017. Applicants who have submitted their applications by the original  deadline of March 31st do not need to submit again.

Tenure Track Position in Multimodal Interaction and Discoursein the Research Unit of Languages and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities
Field and Location: For strengthening its profile at international level, the University of Oulu announces a tenure-track opening for researchers in multimodal interaction and discourse.

Tenure track positions can be allocated to the career levels of the assistant professor, associate professor, full professor and distinguished professor. The positions are designed to promote the careers of outstanding researchers and give them the opportunity to gain further scientific qualifications in view of an academic career. The researchers appointed to a tenure track position may advance in their career through the tenure track process and be appointed to a permanent position as a professor or a distinguished professor. When recruiting for the positions, outstanding or world-class scientific quality is set as a requirement, and this must be verified via evaluations from high-level international researchers.

The position is placed at the Faculty of Humanities, in the Research Unit of Languages and Literature. The successful applicant will work in the COACT research community (Complexity of [Inter]action), which studies complexity of interaction and multimodal participation (http://www.oulu.fi/coact/). COACT includes scholars from different disciplines in human sciences working at the University of Oulu. It carries out research on how talk, language and (other) multimodal resources feature in the complexity of social action and interaction, and how people skillfully manage their conduct at complex sites of learning, work and everyday life. COACT is also involved in studies that expand the notion of interactional complexity to include participants’ histories and interactions across multiple timescales. It is expected of the successful applicant that his or her research field and research activities will further strengthen such research at Oulu. COACT is an active community that encompasses approx. 30 researchers (including 4 PIs, postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students). It organises weekly meetings and collaborates nationally and internationally with a large number of institutes worldwide. It currently hosts several research projects, two of which are funded by the Academy of Finland, and its results are regularly published in leading journals and conferences in the field. Several of its doctoral students are funded by the Human Sciences doctoral programme at the University of Oulu. Additionally, the successful applicant will join an international and multidisciplinary research community of researchers from multiple faculties and disciplines that collaborates on new ubiquitous technologies and digital solutions.

The tenure-track position is directed towards multimodal interaction and discourse with, around and through new ubiquitous technologies and digital solutions (e.g. wireless communication, virtual/augmented reality, Internet of Things). Furthermore, the position is directed towards

  • exploring the needs of lay people and professionals who will use these technologies as part of their everyday lives,
  • studying how people use and adopt these technologies in their natural environments, and
  • applying the results to help people use these technologies in the future.

A successful applicant will be familiar with and have a solid and internationally high-quality track-record in research that focuses on language use, social action and multimodal interaction. It is expected of the applicant that she or he will be familiar with video-based and ethnographic research methods focusing on the sequential analysis of interaction, multimodal interaction analysis and/or that take into account participants’ histories and interactions across multiple timescales. Experience in research on interaction in technology-rich environments and in working in multidisciplinary research environments is considered an advantage. The researcher will participate in both the undergraduate and graduate teaching as well as MSc/PhD thesis supervision in the Research Unit of Languages and Literature.

The position will start as tenure track from 1 January 2018, or later according to mutual agreement with the successful applicant. The researchers appointed to a tenure track position may advance in their career through the tenure track process and be appointed to a permanent position as a professor or a distinguished professor.

The tenure track position is open to highly talented individuals who hold a doctoral degree and have excellent potential for a successful scientific career. Based on the experience and competence, the successful applicant of this call will be placed at the level of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor or Distinguished Professor of the four-level tenure track system.

Job Responsibilities and Required Qualifications: A person at any level of the academic tenure track system is expected to conduct outstanding world-class scientific research, to be competitive in attracting external funding, to publish in leading journals and conferences, to supervise PhD students, to be an active member of the international scientific community, and to exhibit academic leadership.

Required qualifications and career advancement at each level of the tenure track: Career advancement on the tenure track is based on performance assessments that measure the candidate’s merits.

Assistant Professor: The position of an assistant professor is for persons who have recently (less than ten years ago) finished their doctoral dissertation and are advancing towards a professional research career. The duration of the period is five years. The advancement assistant professor – associate professor – professor – distinguished professor is described in the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines: http://www.oulu.fi/university/node/38379.

The selection criteria for an assistant professor are the following:

  • research potential and merit applicable to the position to date (publications, especially internationally refereed publications; participating in acquiring external funding/funding granted; connections with the international community in the field)
  • in most fields, having experience of working abroad is common during the professional research career
  • demonstrable development of skills is the prerequisite for a continuation period.

Associate Professor: The position of an associate professor is initially a fixed-term position for five years, but a continuation period may be granted or the position may be made permanent. Being granted continuation for the position requires meeting the below-mentioned criteria as well as successful research work as indicated in the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines.

When appointing a person to the position of an associate professor the applicants are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • publications on an international level: dissemination, quality of the publication forums, references to the publications
  • active role in research training
  • acquisition of external funding
  • working in more than one research facility during one’s career (in most fields represented at the University of Oulu this signifies working abroad)
  • an active role in the international scientific community
  • acknowledgements and awards.

Full Professor: The position of a Full Professor requires a doctoral degree, high-level scientific or artistic competence, experience in leading scientific research, ability to provide high-level research-based teaching and to supervise final theses, and merit in international co-operation projects in his/her field of expertise. The position of a professor also requires the ability to act as an academic leader. When evaluating the merits of an applicant, his/her scientific publications and other research results with scientific or artistic value, teaching experience and pedagogic training, ability to produce teaching material, other merits as a teacher, teaching demonstrations and supervised doctoral theses shall be taken into consideration. Other factors to be taken into consideration are the active role of the applicant in the scientific community, practical experience in the field where applicable, success in acquiring supplementary research funding, scientific work abroad, international positions, and leadership and interaction skills.

Distinguished Professor: The position of a Distinguished Professor is for especially distinguished applicants who exceed the criteria for Full Professor.

Salary: The salary of the appointed researcher will be based on the demand level chart for the teaching and research staff of Finnish Universities. In addition to the basic salary of the appropriate tenure track level, supplementary salary will be given for personal achievement and performance, the sum rising to a maximum of 46.3% of the basic salary level for the post. The salary thus being roughly 3,500–4,700€/month for an assistant professor, 4,100–5,400€/month for an associate professor and 5600–8300€/month for a full professor.

Other benefits: Finland is one of the most livable countries, with a high quality of life, safety, excellent education system, and competitive economy. The successful candidate will receive full benefits provided by the University of Oulu to university employees, including free time corresponding to holidays and free occupational health care services. The successful candidate will receive also benefits provided by the Finnish government to residents, for example possibility to obtain access to the national healthcare system, tax benefits for employees with children and high-quality affordable childcare services.

Applications: Applications, together with all relevant enclosures, should be submitted electronically by 18.4.2017.

The application should be written in English and the following information needs to be included:
1) an application letter with contact information
2) a curriculum vitae following the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (tutkimuseettinen neuvottelukunta). The guidelines are available at http://www.tenk.fi/en/template-researchers-curriculum-vitae and a template at http://www.tenk.fi/sites/tenk.fi/files/CV_english_270613.pdf.
3) list of publications, ten most important ones marked
4) a brief account of research merits (max 1 page)
5) a brief account of teaching merits or a teaching portfolio (max 2 pages)
6) acquisition of research funds
7) a brief research and action plan (max 3 pages)
8) contact details of 2 – 4 persons available for recommendation.

Evaluators: The selection procedure will be carried out by an Appointment Committee according to the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines.

Contact details: In order to receive the information and announcements concerning the official selection procedures to be followed in order to fill this post, applicants must inform the Research Unit of Languages and Literature at the University of Oulu of their contact details for the whole duration of the selection process: they must specifically provide both their home and work telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and postal addresses.

For further information and enquiries about this post, and about the application and selection procedures, please contact:

Professor Pentti Haddington, Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Literature Research Unit, University of Oulu

P.O. Box 1000, FI-90014 Oulun yliopisto

phone: + 358503410347

email: pentti.haddington@oulu.fi

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