Two PhD positions in atmospheric and wave dynamics in coastal areas

Posted: May 6, 2017 in Apr-Jun Deadline, Europe, Norway, Other/Jobs, PhD
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The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has two PhD positions in atmospheric and wave dynamics in coastal areas. The successful candidates will be working on wave dynamics and wind / turbulence in fjords and coastal areas at the Division for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology in Bergen and the Development Centre for Weather Forecasting in Oslo, respectively.


The positions are funded by the Public Roads Administration through Ferjefri E39, subproject Fjord Crossing. The purpose is to obtain accurate wind / turbulence and wave calculations relevant for bridge design for planned fjord crossings through combination of numerical simulations and measurements. The study will focus on the four fjords Halsafjord, Julsundet, Sulafjorden and Vartdalsfjorden in Central Norway. Forthcoming datasets from measurement programs in these fjords will ensure unique data sets that the PhD studies will build upon.


PhD 1: Integration of numerical simulations and measurements for more accurate wind estimates.

The successful candidate will be responsible for analyzing measurement data, modelling and validation of the atmospheric model AROME and the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model SIMRA. Advanced post-processing of the flow fields will help to identify the dominant flow structures at the different places under different meteorological conditions. The candidate will also investigate the possibility of using wind measurements for data assimilation in a combined AROME-SIMRA model system. The candidate will be enrolled at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and shall spend at least one year in Trondheim, but will be employed by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Oslo. Some courses in geophysics can be taken at the University of Oslo.


PhD 2: Improved understanding and modeling of surface waves in coastal and fjords

The successful candidate will be responsible for analyzing measurement data, modeling and development of the wave models WAM and SWAN for coastal and fjord areas by looking at the effect of sub-grid scale topography, refraction and reflection of swell and wave growth in fjords. The candidate will also work with relevant wave information in the design of structures such as the limitations and uncertainties of using parametric wave spectra. The candidate will be enrolled at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen (UiB) and will be employed by the Meteorological Institute in Bergen.



  • masters or equivalent in oceanography / meteorology, applied mathematics or physics
  • experience with numerical modeling is desirable
  • knowledge of statistical methods is an advantage
  • candidates must satisfy the requirements for admission as a PhD student at NTNU and the University of Bergen, respectively


We offer

  • wages as 1108 scientist
  • membership in the governmental pension fund
  • the first 6 months is a mutual trial period.


It is a political objective that the staff should reflect the population in general, both in terms of gender and cultural diversity.


Details of the position can be obtained by contacting Dr Birgitte R. Furevik, tel. 55236669/93405741 or Dr Jørn Kristiansen, tel. 22963347/46420054.


Deadline 16.05.17


Attach CV, publication list and names of two references.

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