International PhD Projects- IPP Summer Call 2017 in Germany

Posted: May 13, 2017 in Apr-Jun Deadline, Europe, Germany, PhD
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The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) is offering PhD Position to study in Germany. International applicants can apply for this position.

The Group Leader in whose lab you are based will act as your mentor and provide advice and guidance to ensure that you receive training in both the scientific skills and the creative and critical thinking abilities that you will need for your research and personal development as a scientist.

The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) is a newly established research centre on the campus of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany. The scientists at IMB primarily conduct basic science in developmental biology, epigenetics, and DNA repair.

Course Level: This position is available to pursue PhD programme

Study Subject: This position is awarded in the following topics:

Epigenetics & Gene regulation

Group Leader Topic Institution
Falk Butter Telomere Biology IMB
Vijay Tiwari Epigenetic Regulation of Development and Disease IMB
Jean-Yves Roignant Regulation of the m6A mRNA modification during development and disease IMB
Simon Rumpel Auditory Perception and Memory in Neocortical Circuits UMC

Computational biology & omics

Group Leader Topic Institution
Miguel Andrade Computational Biology and Data Mining JGU/IMB
Falk Butter Telomere Biology IMB
Vijay Tiwari Epigenetic Regulation of Development and Disease IMB

Scholarship Award: Duration of stipend/salary: 3 years, with the possibility of extension.

Number of Scholarships: Not Known

Scholarship can be taken in Germany

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for position:

  • The IPP wants to attract the brightest minds from all over the world. We are looking for creative and ambitious students in the field of life sciences who are looking for challenging work at the cutting edge of science.
  • Our student community currently consists of more than 100 PhD students from 23 different countries. Each call we receive more than 500 applications from students all over the world, for approximately 10 – 12 positions.

Nationality: International applicants can apply for this position.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements: Applicant must have their previous degree.

English language Requirements: First criterion for eligibility is that you are fluent in English, which is our working language in the IPP.

How to Apply: Applicants can apply via email

  • Register online to provide us with your contact details and the details of at least two referees. Referees should be senior scientists, such as group leaders or professors at a university or research institute.
  • These referees should know you well.
  • Once you have completed the registration form, your nominated referees will receive a personalised link to the standard reference form and upload page. You will be notified by email when a reference letter is submitted.
  • We will not consider applications until 2 reference letters are received. Therefore, please ensure that you contact your referees in advance of registering to inform them of your intention to apply to the IPP, and to confirm that they are able to provide a reference by the specified deadline.

Application Form

Application Deadline: Position is application deadline is June 16, 2017.

Scholarship Link

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