PhD position (Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology)

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Open Positions 1

Time Span as soon as possible for 36 months

Application Deadline 06 Jun 2017

Financing yes

Type of Position

  • PhD – Individual Supervisor
  • PhD – Doctoral Programme

Field of Research

  • Mathematics / Natural Sciences

Subjects Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology

Description Spatiotemporal optimization of mixed-modality radiation treatments

Radiation therapy is a highly computerized process where the radiation fluence to

be delivered into the patient’s body is determined by means of mathematical optimization.

In combination with intensity-modulated radiation therapy, it is possible to administer radiation

treatments with high spatial accuracy.

Even though radiation treatments include repeated irradiation with identical radiation

fluence in multiple sessions over up to six weeks, the decision about its temporal administration in

the clinic, i.e., the fractionation scheme, is not based on a mathematical objective.

Recently, widely accepted biological models relating the effectiveness of radiation and fractionation

have been used to devise a joint spatiotemporal optimization process extending conventional fluence

optimization towards fractionation for photons and protons [1,2,3]. It could be shown that spatiotemporal

optimization may yield an improved therapeutic ratio realized by different dose distributions to be

delivered in individual treatment fractions.

Here, we propose a PhD project to investigate the interplay between the radiation fluence and the fractionation

scheme for mixed-modality radiation treatments [4]. We have the goal to provide decision support regarding th

e optimal spatial and temporal combination of different radiation modalities for individual patients. Therefore, the

successful candidate will first work on (1) the development of a relative biological effectiveness computation fo

r particles within spatiotemporal optimization and (2) the integration of photons, protons, and carbon ions into

a unified optimization process. The work should result in a spatiotemporal optimization module for our research

treatment planning system matRad [5] that can be evaluated together with our clinical partners at the Heidelberg

University Clinic and the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center.

The project will be carried out in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jan Unkelbach at Zürich University, Switzerland.

To apply for a position please use our online application portal (

The German Cancer Research Center is committed to increase the percentage of female scientists

and encouragesfemale applicants to apply. Among candidates of equal aptitude and qualifications, a person with

disabilities will be given preference.

RequirementsWe are looking for a candidate with a genuine interest in the design, implementation

, and evaluation of quantitative models in radiation therapy. The candidate should have a Master in physics,

mathematics, computer science, or a related field. Experience in scientific programming is mandatory;

experience in radiation therapy treatment planning and numerical optimization or machine learning

would be an advantage.Working Language

  • English
  • German

Language of Dissertation

  • English

Required Documents

  • CV
  • Reports, certificates
  • Letter of Motivation

More Information

German Cancer Research Center • Division for Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology
Dr. Bangert Mark
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
69120 Heidelberg


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