TWAS-CONACYT Postdoc Fellowship Program

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TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT), Mexico, and TWAS offers fellowships for scientists from developing countries (other than Mexico) who wish to pursue postdoctoral research in the natural sciences.

TWAS-CONACYT: Field of interest

  1. Agricultural Sciences
  2. Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
  3. Biological Systems and Organisms
  4. Medical and Health Sciences incl. Neurosciences
  5. Chemical Sciences
  6. Engineering Sciences
  7. Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences
  8. Mathematical Sciences
  9. Physics

Age limit: None

Sandwich option: no

Eligibility Conditions –

Applicants for these Fellowships must meet the following criteria:

  1. PhD degree in a field of natural sciences;
  2. Candidate should apply within 5 years of having obtained a PhD degree
  3. Degree should be a field of the natural sciences;
  4. Be nationals of a developing country (other than Mexico);
  5. Be regularly employed in a developing country (other than Mexico) and hold a research assignment there;
  6. Provide an official Acceptance Letter from the  Mexican institution recognized by CONACYT (see sample Acceptance Letter, page 5). N.B. Requests for acceptance must be directed to the chosen host institution(s), and NOT to CONACYT; a sample Acceptance Letter is included in the application form which can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.

How to Apply: Submitting your application

  1. Applicants should submit the acceptance letter from an Mexican host institution to TWAS when applying before the deadline at the latest.
  2. Without preliminary acceptance, the application will not be considered for selection.
  3. Reference letters: Referees must send signed letters as attachment via e-mail directly to TWAS. The subject line should contain: CONACYT/PDoc/the candidate’s surname.
——Quick Overview———
Organization TWAS-CONACYT: Mexican National Council for Science and Technology, TWAS
Level Postdoc
Country Mexico
Subject areas Natural sciences
Eligibility PhD degree: Nationals of developing countries
Deadline 15 September Yearly

Further link: Click this

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